Active shooter on the loose at Vineyard Road, Griffin, Georgia

There are multiple reports of active shooter at Vineyard Road, Georgia.

A deputy has been shot and he is being transported by air to Atlanta.

Reports said the officer is critically wounded

A fire fighter said they were serving serving a federal warrant and then things escalated.

Spalding, and Clayton County are there now, also more departments responding from Hampton and Upson.

The Shooter holed up in a house.

The officers have the street blocked off, and surrounded.

Spalding & Clayton Co, got a tank, skid steer and two armored trucks on top of 30+ cops.


Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Dix confirms his deputy has died after being shot in the head this morning by a suspect during a domestic call.

Sheriff Dix confirms he was a shift supervisor and a combat veteran. The deputy’s name is not being released as they work to notify his next of kin who are out of state.

Sheriff Dix confirms they have been called to this home before including a barricaded situation with this individual.

This suspect is known to the agency and they said he has had some mental issues in the past. The sheriff said however, that’s not an excuse to shoot and kill one of his deputies.

Please pray for this agency along with the men and women of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office including the deputy who was right there when this deputy was killed.

A second deputy was also hurt, believed to have broken his hand trying to help get his colleague out of the line of fire.

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