Elizabeth Francis, who lives in Houston, has reportedly become the oldest living person in the United States at 114

Elizabeth Francis

HOUSTON — A Houston woman we first told you about two years ago has just become the oldest living person in the United States, according to LongeviQuest. Elizabeth Francis is 114 years old!

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Elizabeth moved to the top spot this week after the death of 116-year-old Edie Ceccarelli of California,” LongeviQuest said. They said she’s now the fifth oldest living person in the world.

Elizabeth was born in Louisiana in 1909. After her mother passed away, she and her five siblings were sent to different homes. Elizabeth was sent to Houston where she was raised by her aunt.

By the age of 20, she’d already witnessed World War I, the Great Depression and the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

“She has seen an African-American President and she also has witnessed an African-American female Vice-President. Those are great milestones for her,” granddaughter Ethel Harrison told us in 2022.

Elizabeth credits her long life to her faith in God and said she never smoked and only had an occasional glass of wine. While wearing a tiara at her birthday party in July, she joked that eating whatever she wants is also the secret to her long life.

“Ms. Elizabeth Francis is admired around the world, both for her longevity and her approach to life,” LongeviQuest Chief Executive Ben Meyers said. “Reaching this milestone was never an aspiration for her, merely a byproduct of how she lived her life every day, doing right by her loved ones and by God. We can all learn from her example.”

When asked for life advice, Elizabeth said don’t be afraid to speak up.

“If the Good Lord gave it to you, use it! Speak your mind, don’t hold your tongue!”

Elizabeth has one daughter, who’s in her 90s, three grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Longevity runs in her family. Her older sister Bertha Johnson lived to the age of 106 before passing away in 2011.

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