James Yoo is the man linked to the Arlington house explosion in Virginia

James Yoo

Police identify James Yoo as suspect in Arlington house explosion, he is presumed dead, human remains have been located at the scene. No other serious injuries besides suspect.

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A Virginia man with a history of rambling social media posts and “frivolous” lawsuits has been linked to the Arlington house that exploded Monday night after police arrived to investigate claims that someone inside was shooting flares into the neighborhood.

Public records show James Yoo, 56, lived in a duplex house on the block shown exploding in eyewitness video. Police, however, have not publicly identified a suspect.

Although his LinkedIn profile appears to have been disabled, Yoo preserved some of his posts on a YouTube page along with silent videos showing court filings from some of his failed lawsuits. Two of the videos showing his recent LinkedIn posts appeared to have been removed Tuesday morning.
The posts refer to his ex-wife as a “witch,” and anti-U.S. slogans including “#F—AMERICA” and quotes from Noam Chomsky.

The profile description claims he is a “Former Head of Information and Physical Security for international telecommunication company.”

“I gave THEM / Y’ALL every opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ and all I see is America’s hypocrisy, corruption, fraud, conspiracy…” the bio continues.

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