one Killed, 4 Injured In Shooting In Jeannette

Shooting In Jeannette

JEANETTE, PA — A woman was killed and four others were injured when a gunman opened fire Friday night in Jeanette, according to reports.

Authorities were called to the 800 block of Lowry Avenue shortly before 9:30 p.m. for a shooting, according to a WXPI report citing Westmoreland County dispatchers. The four people injured by gunfire were taken to nearby hospitals, WXPI reported. Their conditions are unknown.

Brianna Lartz, 25, of Jeanette, was killed in the shooting, according to multiple reports. Lartz was visiting the home where she was shot, reports said.

“I heard some yelling, I couldn’t really make out what was said other than get your hands up against the wall, then I heard multiple shots, I don’t know how many, then after that, I heard a woman screaming and realized this was shooting and not fireworks like we hoped it would be,” a witness told CBS Pittsburgh.

According to a report by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, police identified Deshawn Russell, 25, as a suspect in the shooting. Authorities said Russell took a 3-year-old child with him following the shooting, a son he shared with Lartz.

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