VIDEO: At least 16 people shot, 2 fatally, at block party in Memphis, Tennessee

At least 16 shot at illegal “block party” in Orange Mound Park in Memphis, Tennessee, according to Police.

– Two victims have been pronounced dead

– Three victims transported in critical condition

– 11 victims self-transported with GSW’s

Multiple people have reportedly been shot at a mass shooting during a block party/street takeover, with hundreds of shots being fired
Multiple law enforcement and emergency personnel are currently on the scene in Memphis, Tennessee, where reports indicate numerous people have been shot in a mass shooting during a block party/street takeover earlier this evening. Dispatch has confirmed multiple victims have been found, though an exact count is yet to be provided by Memphis Police. So far unconfirmed reports suggest that 12 people have been shot, with purportedly four fatalities, but this remains unknown at this time. attendees at the block party have reported hundreds of shots fired. This is still a developing situation. Video:

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