The price of the dollar reached its lowest rate since September 2022

After several weeks of negotiations, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, and the Republicans in the House of Representatives managed to reach an agreement that allows raising the debt limit and reducing spending. This decision impacted global finances, allowing the dollar to hit lows after nine months of rises.

The Bank of the Republic announced that the Market Representative Rate (TRM) will be in force until Monday June 5 at $4,355.80 for each dollar, a price that has not been seen since September 23, when it marked $4,379 and when, for first time in history, it marked $5,000. This decision brings peace of mind to some business sectors.
The purchase and sale of currencies, technology and the labor sector may benefit from this downward trend.

It reached the lowest level in more than 8 months (since September 2022).
Compared to the previous day: It dropped 54.69 pesos, which represents a decrease of 1.24%.
Compared to the same day of the previous week: It decreased by 2.37% (105.86 Pesos).
Compared to the same day of the previous month: It decreased by 7.58% (357.28 Pesos).
Compared to the beginning of the year: It dropped 9.45% (454.4 pesos).
Compared to the same day of the previous year: It rose 15.08% (570.82 pesos).

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