Woman ‘bangs on her coffin lid’ as she’s about to be buried at her own

A funeral in Peru was interrupted dramatically after the “deceased” person was heard hitting the coffin. The family of Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca gathered on April 26 in the town of Lambayeque to pay their last respects to the woman who had been involved in a serious accident on the Chiclayo-Picsi road in the region.

During the funeral ceremony, when the family took the coffin with Rosa’s body on their shoulders, they heard strange sounds. At that moment, they lowered the coffin and opened the lid. They saw Rosa looking at them and breathing hard. “When I saw her with my eyes open, sweaty and alive, I immediately went to the office and called the police,” said Uan Segundo Cajo, the cemetery caretaker. The shocked relatives rushed Rosa, who was still in the coffin, to Lambayeque Hospital. Once there, Rosa showed signs of weakness and doctors connected her to the machines.
However, her condition deteriorated and she died tragically only a few hours later. Her family, who had to say goodbye twice, are now asking for answers. They expressed their indignation at the doctors who initially declared his death. The woman’s family suspects she may have been in a coma following the accident. Peruvian police are currently investigating what happened at Lambayeque Regional Hospital, where he was first pronounced dead.

مسؤولية الخبر: إن موقع "سيدر نيوز" غير مسؤول عن هذا الخبر شكلاً او مضموناً، وهو يعبّر فقط عن وجهة نظر مصدره أو كاتبه.

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