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Minister of Education, Abbas al-Halabi, chaired an administrative-educational meeting through the “Zoom” application this afternoon, during which this weekend’s vaccination marathon against the Coronavirus was evaluated, within the framework of committing to the date set by the Corona Committee to open schools tomorrow with the end of the school holiday.

The positions expressed by various private school groups, and a large number of public school principals, were also presented, which support the resumption of in-person classroom learning.

In this context, Minister al-Halabi stressed, “commitment to the directives of the Ministerial Committee and the opening of schools tomorrow, in order to save the school year, while adhering to the highest levels of health protection, and to allow public school students to continue their programs, after students of private schools have completed three months of learning.”

Moreover, the Education Minister expressed his satisfaction with the response to the vaccination marathon, which was carried out through partnership between the Ministries of Education and Health, and their cooperating agencies. In this context, he thanked the Public Health Minister and the Ministry’s team of volunteer employees, and also praised the efforts of officials in the Ministry of Education and school principals who worked on the ground throughout the weekend in keeping pace with the vaccination campaign.

In this connection, al-Halabi indicated that the hotline number 01-772000 in the operating room will be working round the clock, in cooperation with the Red Cross, to follow-up on the conditions of schools, ensuring adherence to health instructions and measures, and communicating with governorates, district officials and municipalities to maintain the safety of school return.

The Education Minister concluded by affirming that he will seek once again with the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister to sign incentive decrees as quickly as possible, or to hold a session of the Council of Ministers to approve them, especially since these incentives include all public sector employees and those working in the education field.

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